100 DAYS TO CAT 2019


With less than three months left for the exam, there’s a lot that CAT 2019 aspirants have to work on. But relax! You need not plan or create a new strategy, just carry on with the strategy you have been working on so far. There are few things that you can include in your CAT 2019 preparation plan for a better outcome.

In these last crucial days, it is important for every student to follow a well-structured study plan, appear for mock tests and develop few tricks and strategies which helps to crack CAT with a high percentile.



Section Wise Strategy:

We will discuss the strategies under three major sections of syllabus that are:



In Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning, students can score maximum marks. For this section the focus should be on increasing the reading and vocabulary capabilities.

Practice by reading newspapers or magazines with an aim to learn new words.If your verbal section is weak, pay extra attention to topics like para-jumbles, comprehensions. Try to increase your speed along with accuracy.

The CAT Verbal Section is all about testing Reading Ability. Fully one third of the Section is Reading Comprehension, with a total of 16 questions on this pattern alone. Apart from the 16 other questions from Logical Reasoning (more on this later), the other question patterns also focus on testing Reading Ability.


Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

The most important point to keep in mind is to stay calm and focused. While solving the QA & DI section, browse through the entire paper once. Attempt easier questions first, and do not waste a lot of time solving the difficult ones.

For Data Interpretation stress on 3 points-

  • speed
  • technique
  • choices



Mathematics/ Quant

One word: Practice. You must practice in your full capacity. At the end of the day, just practice what you have done and learned.


Time-bound practice will help the students to understand what concepts they require to revisit. Prepare a compendium of formulas topic-wise in a logical order. You need to also understand the restrictions, conditions et al, under which these are valid.




Mock tests play a vital role in familiarizing the candidate with the exam pattern and making them comfortable in attempting a three-hour long test.This will help increase speed and accuracy and, also get into the exam mode. The official website of CAT also provides online mock test for convenience of the aspirants to help prepare better before they take the exam.

Now the frequency depends on your past mock scores, if you have been scoring between 80-97, try to give around 2-3 mocks per week.




  • Train your body for the 3-hour session
  • Solve past year CAT Papers (2008-2018)
  • Doing it on Desktop or Laptop
  • Daily Practice
  • Mock Test Analysis on weekly basis
  • Accuracy should improve day to day




  • After completing prescribed books, practice from a few other important books and mock test from other resource
  • Even though calculator will be available to the students in CAT exam, they should still learn shortcuts and tricks for quant section
  • Tricks should be familiar to use for you.
  • Avoid new tricks/methods and concepts to use in last week of practice
  • Make your strength stronger at the end game
  • Keep practicing through shortcuts and tricks
  • Practice
  • Stay Healthy